Business Start Ups

Every month, more and more people are deciding to ‘go it alone’ and set up their own company. It seems people are doing this for all kinds of reasons, whether it be for fear of redundancy, taking an innovative new product to market, or just wanting to be their own boss.

Either way, getting it right from the outset avoids time-consuming problems later, and more importantly, allows you to get on and run the business. That way it can have that all important kick-start, and move from the start-up phase to an established business as quickly as possible.

Here at TP Jones, we have made it our business to specialise in helping you start your own new business, whether it’s a small one -man band or a full-blown limited company with staff.

On meeting us we would help you identify those all important issues and then assist you to make decisions such as:

  • Whether to form a limited company, or trade as a partnership or just in your own name
  • How will VAT affect you?
  • Whether to employ people, and use the Pay As You Earn scheme
  • Data Protection Act Compliance
  • Cash flow in the early months, to keep the business ticking over and ensure you have an income to manage your day-to-day activities.

In addition, we also strongly recommend writing a business plan – many are surprised to learn that 80% of new businesses that don’t have a business plan fail within the first 3 years: This is an incredible statistic, but so simple to rectify. On joining us, we’d be able to start you off with a plan, tailored to your needs, that would act as a reference against which you can gauge your success, identify problems and work on solutions.

If you are considering starting up in business, regardless of size, then call us today to arrange a free no-obligation meeting.