Free Business Appraisals

We understand that trusting a new accountant, or indeed moving from one accountant to another, can be quite daunting. Therefore, at T P Jones, we want to prove to you that with us you will be supported by a dedicated team who will not only assist you with all your general business needs, but will also support your business with sound advice and tax strategies.

As a measure of goodwill, we would like to offer you a free initial interview and if required a free business appraisal. So you can gain an insight into how we can help you and your business.

How does it work?

Firstly ‐ get in touch with us! This can be done by filling in the enquiry form on the contact page, or giving us a call. We are sure that when you see the results of your business appraisal, you will be 100% confident that we understand your business needs and can help your company grow to its full potential.